I never thought I would feel like Dumbo’s mom someday, but I do.  I am 35 years old. Never married.  Never had much of a dating life.  Never found the right man until now.  I have finally been blessed with a wonderful husband.  We recently got married on July 2, 2011.   At last we can start a family :)

I still have to pinch myself and see if it’s real.   Throughout my 20’s I saw all of my friends marry, and have kids.  Now I am in my mid 30’s, and I have seen a couple of my friends become GRANDPARENTS!  Good grief…

I started accepting that marriage and family may not be God’s plan for me.  But the Lord surprised me, and brought Aaron into my life ♥

Now… maybe a baby is just right around the corner?   I pray it is.

Friday, May 4, 2007

My loan officer canceled my appointment with her today. “You can’t apply for the loan until you have all your estimates.” she said. I have had the HARDEST TIME getting these construction guys to call me back and come over and give me estimates! I’m STILL waiting on several of them to CALL ME! I keep leaving messages. I never get a live person on the phone.

I did happen to get one estimate today. From the drywall guy. I am going with Rose & Walker drywall to put up the new ceilings, a few new walls, and patching up holes throughout the house. It will cost $2460.

I also went to Warehouse Carpet today to get prices on vinyl and laminate hardwood flooring. Vinyl: $12.95/sq. yard (including installation) and laminate: $4/sq. ft. (including installation and foam) Those are the cheapest they have in their store. Someone from Warehouse Carpet will come to my house Monday at 4 to measure the rooms and give me an estimate. Can’t wait! :)