Getting your toddler to gain weight

Josephine had her weight check today.  She gained 4 ounces more!  She now weighs 17 lbs and 12 ounces!  Her pediatrician is happy with the with gain, however, her growth curve is still at a bit of a plateau.  

Jojo also has a bad cold today.  Watery eyes, very runny stuffy nose and sneezing.  So her pediatrician prescribed Cyproheptadine.  Brand name is Periactin.  It’s an antihistamine that also increases appetite.  I hope it works!  She is doing well now, but I will be very excited to see at her next weight check if she has gained even more than usual!

Jo also held still while the pediatrician checked her ears (which were clear.. yay!) and listened to her heart.  For the first time EVER.. she didn’t cry!  We are making progress!

They were both doing the happy dance in the office!