Christmas cookies and one big fat ornament ♥

I’ve finally finished making Christmas cookies! I still have a little more baking to go, but at least the cookies are DONE!

I also made some homemade white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.  They are so yummy!


A couple days ago we had our first snow storm of the season.  The wind was so bad, look what it did to my wreath!


The day after Christmas, we are suppose to get another snow storm.  They are predicting up to 9″ of snow this time!  Aaron is out right now grocery shopping so we don’t need to go out after the storm arrives.

I just love taking Christmas pictures, and here is another one I would like to share with you all ♥

My neighbor, Linda, came by today and gave us such a beautiful gift.  I love this snowman!  It comes with a flickering candle, and it has the most beautiful Christmas glow!  Take a look!


I also want to share this ultra-cute video with you ♥